Spiritual Journeys With A Warrior Photographer: Part 1

We feed and force feed our pliable brains with streams, rivers, torrents of new knowledge, magical potions that renew it again and again. We must exercise our brains to their limits, if there are limits, with the difficult, inexplicable mysterious knowledge of quantum physics and metaphysics, Eastern philosophy, the TAO, Zen and all the myriad discoveries and expressions and revelations of all of the arts and sciences. New art, new science, they are the same. We learn the most from that we find hard to understand, and/or fear or dislike the most. We are the fearless rebels that create the future.

Moonlight Sonatas

Light is the universe itself. Light is not in our universe, we are in light’s universe. That is why no matter how fast you move towards matching the speed of light, light everywhere moves away from you at the same speed of 186,000 miles per second. Einstein’s theory of gravity was proven by experiments which showed changes in positions of the stars in images taken during total eclipses. That meant that space around the sun was curved. It did not mean that the sun was there when unobserved. The Copenhagen Interpretation has been much disputed but is largely accepted after one hundred years as scientific fact. The universe is stranger than we know and quantum mechanics is stranger as well.


I had been to Africa a number of times as an adventure travel photographer. My personal goal was to avoid making the usual grimy, sick or starving children that so often stare out at us from the media. My intuition proved correct. The children were beautiful, well mannered, enthusiastic and very much aware of the United States, as were their parents. It was an opportunity to step back in time and discover a rarely seen image of the people, young and old, of Senegal or Africa. It was a privilege. The images tell the story.

Yellowstone: The Devil’s Volcano

Pilot Mike Collins make dizzying turns at 1500 feet above the Old Faithful Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. The geysers and fumaroles below our Cessna 172 aircraft show little evidence of the red and white hot lava in the raging volcano far below the earth. The Yellowstone Caldera is the volcanic caldera and super volcano located in Yellowstone National Park.