Version 1.12M

Future update


Alan comments:

  • Now the game fits my screen.  In fact it is 80% of my screen
  • Tutorial is missing
  • Slow loading first scene and text boxes
  • Missing scene title (see view “select scene” This gives one a sense of where they are.  Could also put: “1 of 5”, “2 of 5” etc.
  • Scene 1 mentions Brownian Motion.  Consider adding a digging deeper on Robert Brown and this discovery.
  • We use the term “scene” during game development but maybe better to call it “Select Topic” for student at the first slide
  • Could add a quit button at each scene to avoid going back to main menu to quit
  • I think a back button to previous scene would be useful because you might want to review
  • Scroll slider is not proportional to the length of text.  When the slider is 1/3 down and no more text, it is hard to know if the text is done or there was a problem loading the text (i.e. am I missing something feeling?)
  • Voltmeter could be larger and more prominent because it is the point of this scene
  1. Begin -> PLAY on Menu page
  2. Navigation buttons bigger
  3. Added numbers to Scene titles
  4. Added slide numbers
  5. Added Brownian Motion to Nernst page
  6. In Select Scenes “Select Scenes” -> “Program”
  7. Added PREV buttons to all slides
  8. Added Quit button to all slides
  9. Re-scaled all scroll heights
  10. Re-scaled voltmeter

Version 1.11W

  1. Switched target of v1.11M to Windows

Version 1.11M

  1. Set Game aspect ratio Free Aspect
  2. Canvas/Scale With Screen Size
  3. Move all Buttons to end of Canvas so that they will be on top for scenes 1-5, Scene Select, About Scene, Main Menu
  4. Event System outside Canvas in Scene 4
  5. Re-anchored Main Menu Button and Next Button in Tutorial. Lowered Instructions away from top boundary
  6. On what we learned, moved Main Menu Button and Prev button away from boundaries
  7. Adjusted graphics to accommodate general monitor resolutions and aspect ratios.

Version 1.10