I took care of the legendary graphic designer and art director Alexey Brodovitch for the last 12 years of his life. Brodovitch had altered the course of photography with his transforming work at Harper’s Bazaar where he featured many later famous photographers unknown here. Penn and Avedon, two of the greatest photographers were his assistants at their beginning. Under his mastery, Harper’s Bazaar became world famous for its revolutionary design and photography, and very profitable.


There is no limit to the number of new ideas, facts and information our plastic brains can assimilate in their cosmic sized reservoirs of limitless neurons and infinite connections. The oversize human brain may be the most complicated organ in the universe. It is informed by quantum physics and metaphysics, the TAO, Zen and Eastern philosophy, capable of growing younger each year. Immortality is not a dream eternal youths, gals and guys, it is our birthright.


We are part of all who we have met. It is not only passion and joy in the wild, free and unknown, glowing dawns on distant shores, voyages of body and mind that never end, that alone fuel the energy and the need to go, it is desire!