Josephine Liu


Co-Founder X-Event Dynamics

Co-Founder URBAN FUTURE global conference, URBAN FUTURE holding Asia

Josephine Yilan Liu is an entrepreneur and urbanist based in Vienna, Austria. She studied Environmental Design at the Beijing Institute of Technology in Beijing, China, and took a master’s program in Architecture and Project Management at FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria.

Before co-founding the URBAN FUTURE global conference – Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities– she worked across Asia, Europe and North America in the area of architecture and urban planning, helping companies with business development, project management and training, bridging gaps between different cultures, disciplines and mentalities.

Her experience in urban planning and cross-culture, interdisciplinary project development brought her to the intensive study of behavioral psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, mass psychology and philosophy, which she uses in the development of user engagement in serious games.