You might say, however, “Why am I interested in (Not Art)? I am an artist, I think I am interested in Art not (Not Art).” My response would be that surprises lie on boundaries. Surprise is the essence of irony and humor. And great insight, of any flavor, is simply a very high-quality joke that gives us tremendous childish pleasure. So, there you have it. One studies the boundaries between Art and (Not Art) for puerile reasons that make us laugh childishly.

Secrets of Eternal Youth III

Secrets of Eternal Youth III The Book Of Everything From A Globe Circling Forever Youthful Artist/Photographer Who Hangs Out of Helicopters & Flew “The Dead Man’s Curve” A Million And A Half Miles Over Every Continent f With Newest Scientific Studies On How To Keep Your Brain Young Harvey Lloyd & Ivana Lovincic   HARVEY…

Secrets of Eternal Youth BLOG II

“Make it distant, difficult and dangerous, was the motto of Cooper Schoedsack Productions producers of the original King Kong movie. It is my motto as well during over a million and a hald miles of worldwide travel and adventures. I am a gonzo journalist like the mad genius writer Hunter Thompson, a lover of Kerouac, H. L. Mencken and Tennyson’s Ulysses.
Secrets of Eternal Youth is a shout that shakes the world, a wicked treasure house, a virtual cosmic library, and a colorful madcap tirade about almost everything in this life. It is an “out of the box” wild anarchistic freedom manifesto, filled with myriad adventures and cbaracters I encountered doing assignments with my cameras around our beautiful spinning earth.

Secrets of Eternal Youth Blog 1

We hover dangerously low over shark’s teeth, seracs or ice pinnacles tilted askew above gaping crevasses, a jagged ice bound moonscape, terrifying and beautiful as death. There is no place to land, no way out if we have a mechanical failure. Our big A-Star chopper’s turbine whines menacingly. The rotor blades fight for lift ‘whistling Dixie’ in this gleaming blue white frozen graveyard. “Hold it, stop, backup, terrific,” I shout at Brent, our pilot. We fly too low and slow, the Dead Man’s Curve, kept alive by the spinning rotors.

Mind Wide Open

From a Forever Youthful Adventurer, Artist/Photographer
Who Hangs Out of Helicopters & Flies “The Dead Man’s Curve”
Over Every Sea & Continent
With Newest Studies On How to Keep Your Brain Young & Healthy

Ads and Myths About Quick Alzheimer Cures

Prevention, of course, is vital early in life. In my book SECRETS OF ETERNAL YOUTH, we study the newest information about brain plasticity. In 1995 it was discovered that our brains, contrary to previous beliefs, can grow new neurons all of our lives. The major factors that keep are brains young and even make them younger are diet, exercise, curiosity, learning and attitude. (Editor’s Note: SECRETS OF ETERNAL YOUTH will be available in the summer of 2016)

The End Is Always Behind You

When you are ready to “die” for your honor like a samurai, or for your art, like an artist, you triumph and live. The samurai who goes to battle already “dead” comes back. The cowardly samurai who wants to live does not. Only those who hesitate die. Risk all and live! Just do it like a Top Gun and aim yourself at the devil. He will get out of your way. The fearsome fallen angel with pointed ears and tail is a pimp for the unholy and he has no taste for a battle with a fearless human. God. Satan or human, the Devil goes down!

The Great Dewdrop in Space

When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty.


Spiritual Journeys With A Warrior Photographer: Part 1

We feed and force feed our pliable brains with streams, rivers, torrents of new knowledge, magical potions that renew it again and again. We must exercise our brains to their limits, if there are limits, with the difficult, inexplicable mysterious knowledge of quantum physics and metaphysics, Eastern philosophy, the TAO, Zen and all the myriad discoveries and expressions and revelations of all of the arts and sciences. New art, new science, they are the same. We learn the most from that we find hard to understand, and/or fear or dislike the most. We are the fearless rebels that create the future.


I had been to Africa a number of times as an adventure travel photographer. My personal goal was to avoid making the usual grimy, sick or starving children that so often stare out at us from the media. My intuition proved correct. The children were beautiful, well mannered, enthusiastic and very much aware of the United States, as were their parents. It was an opportunity to step back in time and discover a rarely seen image of the people, young and old, of Senegal or Africa. It was a privilege. The images tell the story.