Our Learning Philosophy

How Water Thinks is designed to serve the under-served population of the very curious. The game is an individualized learning experience designed to help dreamers, futurists, and big thinkers organize their thoughts and insights and relate the insights to their own frame of reference.

How Water Thinks emphasizes exploration over exploitation. It is a multi-media production with a video-game core. Traditional performance measurement techniques are available to the player. These include:

  1.  A scoring system with points accumulated by answering questions on the material
  2.  A system of levels based on the amount of exploration the player has completed.

The goal of the game is to complete the exploration of the game with the most points.

Unique to the game is a third method of reward, the ability to share creative thoughts with like-minded individuals. The game is also a social-media site that provides an outlet for those with an artistic bent to express their thoughts and feelings in the language of literature, visual arts, or music.  It provides a mechanism for players to disagree with the game designers and other players on interpretation or even facts that are presented. This reward comes from the social interaction. Dreamers do not need to be alone.

Image: (c) Harvey Lloyd 2013