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Diffusion, Ions, Electricity

  1. Download compressed file “Diffusion Ions Electricity.”
  2. Place file in desired folder.
  3. Unzip file.
  4. Click on the executable file HWT3.

What is How Water Thinks?

How Water Thinks is a serious multi-media interdisciplinary game for very curious people. The game is for people who ask the questions, “What is there about matter and energy that compel them to organize into life?” “What is thought?” “Do we really have free will?”

How Water Thinks starts the conversation by asking the question, “What does water have to do with thought?” The story winds its way through physics, chemistry, molecular biology, neuroscience, literature, and philosophy to get to a peak. While the player has a great deal of individual discretion in how he or she approaches the game, the player is not alone because How Water Thinks is also a social media site where players can interact with each other, share insights, and share free-form creations. How Water Thinks is a play in which you are an actor and the director. You determine how the play unfolds based solely on your preferences for telling a story. (See More)

Why Water?

Why do we start our exploration of philosophy by looking at water? Water is the basis of terrestrial life. If the weight of each of the chemical components that made up all of life on Earth were measured, most of the weight would be due to water. The human male is composed of about 60% water by weight and the female is composed of about 50%. Water is crucial to the functioning and existence of life as we know it. The very first thing that space scientists look for in their extra-terrestrial search for life is water. Water forms a strange violent world in which molecules interact a billion times a second. The nature of these interactions lead to our ability to think.

Our Learning Philosophy

The game is an individualized learning experience designed to help dreamers, futurists, and big thinkers organize their thoughts and insights and relate the insights to their own frame of reference. (See More …)

The Authors

Roger D. Jones

Alan M. Jones

John L. Casti

Josephine Liu

Excerpts from the Game

*Glasswork by Chihuly: Cylinder Two by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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